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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Cut the Highs and Fill in the Lows

Getting concrete to lay flat can be a challenge, it sure was for me, many of my co workers, and foremans tried teaching me. It wasn't until the owner of the company taught me the simplicity of it, that I started getting it down. He said ' all you got to do is cut the Highs and Fill in the lows'. It is actually a pretty simple concept when you break it down like that.

I was walking yesterday and thought of the questions " Where did we come from?, why are we here? and Where are we going?  Some of us don't have the answers, but if that were the case for the whole world, then we would all be lost. I thought of the Term "cut the Highs and Fill in the Lows."

 Doing concrete construction work, you can get caught up in many ways to succeed in laying it flat, but it all goes back to the basics in the end.

The basics give us a foundation, the three questions that I thought about are the basics. They can all be answered through Faith in Jesus Christ, Sincere Prayer and Scripture study.

Here is the tricky part, it was for me as I was trying to learn from everyone, you have to "Hear". This means applying the basics to your life.

You can ask anyone that I worked with, I tried to make the concrete "pretty" before it was flat! I was always told 'it doesn't have to be pretty, it just has to be flat'.

"The Gospel is Beautifully Simple and Simply Beautiful".

You tell me If I "Heard" what the owner taught me.? 

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