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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I am a Mormon

There are so many good people out there, of all faiths and some who dont worship God, I would like to explain to the world why I have chosen to live my life the best I can.

(not all of my Family is pictured)

Family is the most important gift I have been given. I love spending time with my Family and I love the Example they have been for me. I am the youngest of 7 Kids, so I have had alot of examples.

 Because we are spread out across the Western side of the U.S. , Special Occasions, and Holidays are the only times I get to see my parents, brothers,Sisters and Neices and Nephews.  I cherish the times that we are all together, they go so fast! especially if its a weekend, I never want the time to end.

I have a Firm Hope which leads me to my Faith, that through Jesus Christ, his love and mercy ( because my family and I are not perfect) we will be able to be Together for Time and all Eternity.

I know this because there is a reason I have my Family. God knows that everyone just wants to be Loved and accepted, this is why we are given families to have a Joy that is Indescribable.

My Family brings that Joy to me, now thats not to say that we dont get on each other's nerves, but when you are apart from them, you cherish the time and memories you have with them.

Happiness for me is being around my Family now and Forever, God wants me to experience this Happiness.

Find out more why I choose to live my life this way....

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  1. I love this Post Elder Miner. Families are so important and my own family is VERY IMPORTANT to me and I want to spend all and eternity with them. Sealed to them. Love ya Miner