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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Strength in the Lord

Woke up this morning, and Decided to pump out 100 Consistent Push ups. 150 by Memorial day is my Goal. I realize that i have to work at it to achieve it! I have hit many walls around 70-85 push ups. This Morning was different I stretched myself further, I set the Goal at 120, yes I fell short at my goal, but I broke that wall by doing 100 Push ups. That Morning revolved around the topic of Strength. Have  you ever felt like you just couldn't do something on your own ? You tried over and over and just couldn't do it. That is how I felt with my goal of push ups.

There was a man named Zeniff, he had great Faith in the Lord, even enough to put his trust and his strength in the Lord as he went up to battle this civilization, called the Lamanites. Look at the Contrast as those who have strength in the Lord and those you don't.

10 And it came to pass that we did go up to battle against the Lamanites; and I, even I, in my old age, did go up to battle against the Lamanites. And it came to pass that we did go up in the astrength of the Lord to battle.

11Now, the Lamanites knew nothing concerning the Lord, nor the strength of the Lord, therefore they depended upon their own strength. Yet they were a strong people, as to the astrength of men.

Sometimes, our strength seems like a lot to the world, imagine when we put our strength in the Lord.

The story in the Book of Mormon goes on, and we find out that Zeniff and his people won the battle.
I promise you that as you put your trust and strength in the Lord, he will help you win your Battles.

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  1. Fantastic way to teach this priniple. Thanks!