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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Christ's Life- I feel my Savior's Love by Paul Cardall

I'm sure, there are many Dedications out there at this Time for Mothers, some for all and Some that may be Individual. I wish to Describe my Mother and  also a Mother figure in my life. For me, My Relationship started with my Mother Humming the song " I feel My Saviors love"as she was holding me as a baby. It is amazing to me, that I can remember and Cherish that memory. My mother always told me that I am her        " Bond, Tie and Promise". I have known this all of my life, It has been a Strength and Comfort to me. My mother has always been there for me. She has helped me grow Spiritually as well as physically. She is the most Creative person I have ever met! She taught me about Desire. Desire, is everything, it is our motivation and our drive to accomplish whatever we put our hearts to. For her, it is caring for all of her Children and setting a good example for us.

My Mother, exemplifies the love of my Heavenly Father. She taught me at a very Early age that I am a Child of God. God also taught all of us that we are his Children, before we were born. Along with Mothers and the Holy Spirit we remember this Truth. I am grateful for A loving Mother, who would do anything for me and if she couldn't do it, I had an older sister who was always there for me. I remember when i was sick, if my Mom wasn't around my older Sister would be there for me to be that Mother Figure, to take care of me and cook me meals. I can proudly say today that she is a mother of her own and she does a great Job at it.

What makes an Incredible women ?

Her Nature, she was born with Compassion and Love

Her Virtue, She was born Pure and will stay pure as she has the right influences.

Her Love for the Lord, if she loves the Lord she will love everyone.

I am grateful for mothers who have, develop, and maintain these standards to be Incredible women

Happy Mothers Day!

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  1. Reuben this is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your experiences and lessons that you have learned from mom. What a sweet message to her, and to all of the mothers :)love you.