Extending my banner

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Who wants to go to Disney World ?!

I have never met someone so excited about Disney World as this couple we found while knocking on doors. This couple told us the ins and outs of Disney World, the more and more I listened, the more and more I recognized their passion for it, it reminds me of the gospel!

They were so particular and definitive that just by listening to them, I wanted to go there.  My question has been  how do I highlight the gospel like they highlighted Disney World?  However the gospel doesn't need to be highlighted because it is already illuminating!

The Gospel is beautifully simple and Simply beautiful.  God loves us, we are his Children, he has created this wonderful earth that we live on for our benefit and growth.  He has a plan for us- his plan is for us to be happy or in other words have a fulness of joy. Joy comes from doing what is right and from building relationships.