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Monday, 31 October 2011

Do not Despair

Wrecked a car?, Having a hard time putting you trust in God?, Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut?

Everyone of us have been in some sort of situation like this, for me i can remember back to the time when i was riding my bicycle in a Blizzard with a new missionary, i thought to myself ' i wish i had my face mask', me and this missionary were riding up this canyon and i have to say it was pretty miserable. No one would let us in that day and it was any moment that either one of us would slip off of our bikes because of the snow and ice. We went home for a lunch break and i remember my companion telling me he was going to check the mail, i sat inside and said a little prayer, by the time i finished this Elder was back with some mail and told me that i had a package, the first thing i could see as i opened the package was my face mask. I knew that it wasn't a coincidence or right timing, i knew and still know that the God loves and knows me. He knew i was in need of my face mask otherwise i would have a frozen face.

For Christmas my parents sent me a calendar, i needed a calendar, but i don't think they actually know how much i needed that particular calendar. As i received it in December i opened up to the December page ( the whole Calendar was filled with Temples), except for December.  This was on the December Calendar  

"There are times when you simply have to righteously hang on and outlast the devil until his depressive spirit leaves you"- Ezra Taft Benson

As i walked past my calendar the rest of December i repeatedly remembered President Benson's quote, I know that what he has said is true, i know that as we  "Righteously Hang on" we will have the peace and the comfort that God wants to give us, all of us need to go through a little growing pain.

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