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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Measurements of Success

Have you ever been stuck in a car for 14 hours?, with nothing around except flat lands and rolling hills. You have no clue how truly far you are or when you are going to make it to your destination.

Life can be like this:

I remember talking to this man in Hamilton, Montana he didn't really believe in God ,and didn't really have any hope or knowledge of the purpose of life. He showed me this book that talked about measuring success, by something that is tangible.
For Example, if you want to go to  Placerville CA, you are close but if you are headed in the direction of Ocean City, MD you are miles away!

So how do we measure our spiritual success?

 We also have signs marking our way, it is given to us by the Holy Spirit, we can ask God ' Am I on the right path?'

Instead of seeing a sign that says you are this far away, God speaks to us through our feelings, our heart, and mind. The key is we can't be stubborn about asking for directions when we are lost or about to get lost!

How do you know that when you embark on a journey from your home to your desired destination that it is actually there?

We don't but that is why we walk by Faith, not by sight. (2 Cor. 5:7 )

There was a young man who wanted to know his state and standing before God, instead of receiving a 'you are doing good, or keep going', he was given a great work and responsibility. This young man was Joseph Smith, I am grateful he kept James's invitation alive ( James 1:5)

 I know that I can ask my Heavenly Father and he will teach and comfort me by the Holy Spirit.

If you want to know and have a personal relationship with your Heavenly Father, ask him he will answer.

 " When you do good you feel good, when you do bad you feel bad"

God and Jesus Christ, are closer than we think, know us better than we know and love us more than we can imagine.

If we need correcting, let us be Humble enough for that correction, and in all things you do Find Joy in the Journey.

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