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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Fire it up!!!

"Let's Fire  it up!", is what I would yell while on the side line during my Football games in High school. Some of you might wonder why I would do this. Yesterday we were talking with this lady who was teaching us about prayer, and as we talked about prayer we talked about the things we pray for. Strenghth, Direction, Peace, and Comfort are some of the things that all of us find ourselves praying for. I like to see what the disciples of Christ prayed for.  "And they did pray for that which they most desired; and they desired that the aHoly Ghost should be given unto them."

In short the Holy Ghost is the comforter, he does bring peace and greater direction into our life. So how does all of this tie into Football ? The Holy Ghost is a Fire in ourselves, Fire is always mentioned with receiving the Holy Ghost after Baptism. That Fire that is placed within us is "Our Drive", whether it is out on the Gridiron,or our righteous desire to serve God.

I would feel that Fire, that drive, that Desire on the Field and i would want everyone to feel it as well because when all of us had it our team was unstoppable, we could do Miracles on the Field. I promise you all of us want the same thing and we want it all the time, we want the Holy Ghost we want the Fire! It starts with one, but we need to allow others to feel it, so they can run with it! I know that we can do Miracles, when we have the Fire!

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